Fantasy Football 2023 Running in the draft standings

Fantasy Football 2023 Running in the draft standings

The running back position seems to be undervalued in the NFL, and that roughly reflects how things used to be in fantasy football. No, we still have to start twice a week, and they’re still highly recruited. But, there are fewer and fewer automatic fantasy RB1s available, and more commissions to sift through.

This is why we like Christian McCaffreyAnd Austin, thank you And Nick Chubb It is very valuable in our game.

This is also why we get so excited when someone likes us Til Robinson Entering the fold, a talented young linebacker is ready for significant workloads in his backfield. Some even describe Robinson as the second coming of the I will be Barkley – but maybe better.

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Check out where Robinson and the rest of the running backs are in the draft analyst’s half-point-per-reception rankings for the 2023 season:

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Do you expect Robinson to reach his potential (and meet the hype)? Do we try and real stars like McCaffrey, Eckler and Chubb Dominate the center again? Who are your most important goals?

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