How the Giants starters fare after their first preseason game

How the Giants starters fare after their first preseason game
New York Giants cornerback Duant Banks (36) blocks a pass intended for Detroit Lions wide receiver Chase Cota (88) in the first quarter at Ford Field
New York Giants cornerback Duent Banks (36) breaks up a pass intended for Detroit Lions wide receiver Chase Cota (88) in the first quarter at Ford Field/Lawn Horwedel – USA Today Sports

Now this Pre-season is underwayWe can finally start to see this year’s junior class in action. the giants He drafted seven players in the 2023 draft but also brought in some promising uncredited free agents.

With one game in the books, let’s review how each of the key rookies have fared and consider the outlook for their potential role in the 2023 season.

Cb Duent Banks

The Giants’ first-round pick has been targeted unsuccessfully several times, though he was lucky when Jameson Williams He caught a half step home run and dropped a potential touchdown pass.

There was also a play where Banks was flagged for pass interference on first but the officials—correctly, it seemed—picked up the flag. Banks was impressed with his physical abilities in competing for the ball and jamming receivers on the line in press coverage.

C John Michael Schmitz

Schmitz played the first half at center and did well on pass defense, but the Giants had disappointing results in the running game gaining just 26 yards on 14 passes, with 11 of those yards coming on a touchdown run. Tommy DeVito scrambled.

Schmitz himself appeared to have problems keeping the blocks as his man threw the block to make the play several times, including on a short yardage he was stuffed. The good news for his hopes of winning the starting center role was just that ben bredison, His main rival, he also struggled at left guard.

WR Jalin Hyatt

Hayat didn’t get much chance to showcase his skills in this game despite his debut. His only touchdown saw a wide receiver get blasted for a backfield loss. He hopes to make a bigger impact in the upcoming matches.

RB Eric Gray

Gray has a good opportunity to establish himself as a rotating contributor and potential future starter this season, but he’s got off to a slow start. His best play saw him finish strong to catch an 11-yard dumpster into the flat, but his other six touchdowns were only eight yards. Gray also got all the action in the return game, but his best return was nullified by a penalty kick as he took a kickoff near the 40-yard line.

DB Trey Hawkins

Hawkins started at linebacker and ended up with five tackles as he gave up a few plays in coverage. Hawkins is an energetic player who has been in position on a few pass incompletes and made several good passes on the open field from the outside. There is good competition for roles in the defensive secondary.

DT Gordon Riley

Riley got the start for the Giants, whose first-team defense never gave up much of the run. He impressed with one game when he threw his blocker and got into the background to help get things going.

S Gervarius Owens

Owens came off the bench and blinked several times when he was on the run and nearly intercepted a pass as he jumped a path. As with Hawkins, he’s right in the mix for a role where roster spots in the secondary can be limited by injuries and special teams play.

Uncut Rookie Summary

Although he did not enter the game until the second half, he was an advanced defender Habakkuk with donado He was one of the starters who made an impact. He was on a few stops and sacked the quarterback twice, though one of them was denied for roughing the pass because he hit the quarterback in the head while making the tackle.

DeVito posted mediocre numbers but had a nice touchdown layup and didn’t turn the ball over until the very last in the game, however Bryce Ford Wheaton Failed to score three catches.

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