Nick Bosa’s contract just got a lot more expensive, as of today

Nick Bosa's contract just got a lot more expensive, as of today

Nick Bosa clutches are officially more affordable today.

As a fifth-year option player, Bosa’s fines include $40,000 for each day he missed training camp. Pursuant to Article 7, Section 7(h) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Bosa can also be fined regular season game checks for each preseason game that is boycotted.

With a base salary of $17.859 million, Bosa could be fined $992,166 for missing today’s preseason game against the Raiders.

The CBA doesn’t stop the 49ers from waiving fines, which they likely will. If they don’t, it will become difficult to get one of the best defensive players in football under contract.

There was no sense of acrimony regarding Bossa’s absence. Recently, coach Mike Shanahan has ignored the fact that Bossa is wasting time preparing.

The question becomes setting an agreed deadline. Presumably, the 49ers want Bossa back in the fold in time for training week before the team’s Week 1 game against the Steelers. Just before that, both sides will head to their final positions – and it is best if they meet in the middle.

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