The Yankees took advantage of Sunday’s 8-7 loss to the Marlins, including Clay Holmes’ nightmare ninth.

The Yankees took advantage of Sunday's 8-7 loss to the Marlins, including Clay Holmes' nightmare ninth.
New York Yankees second baseman Glaber Torres (25) slides at home plate and scores after a wild pitch by Miami Marlins relief pitcher Huáscar Brazuban (31) during the fifth inning on loan
New York Yankees second baseman Glieber Torres (25) slides at home plate and scores after a wild pitch by Miami Marlins relief pitcher Huáscar Brazuban (31) during the fifth inning at Depot Park/Sam Navarro – USA TODAY Sports

the Yankees He was knocked out by the Miami Marlins 8-7 in the series finale on Sunday afternoon on loan to Depot Park.

Here are some takeaways…

Gerrit Cole He got the ball and made his 100th start with simple hits. While the right was a bit shaky, the Yankees gave him an early lead. after Harrison Bader He led the second with a walk and advanced to second on a stolen base, Isiah Keener Valeva He lined up one RBI to make it 1-0 Bombers.

Later, the yanks added as they did Yuri Perez Pay for another outing. with Aaron Judge Firstly, Giancarlo Stanton An RBI double cracked down the left line, giving the Aces a 2-0 lead.

Cole cruised through the first two innings but found himself in some trouble in the third with two and no one coming out to the top of Miami’s lineup. The right-winger almost dances his way out of danger but out of two Louis Araz Cut one lead in half.

– The Yanks came back strong to support Cole, even though he was clearly not having the best of him. Anthony Volpe A smashed two-run homer to the far left, for his 16th long ball of the season and his second in the series.

Glaber Torres He made a run with two legs out later, stole second and third and scored on a wild pitch. Billy McKinney He added another option on players’ selection, beating a potential double play in the finale, making New York 6-1.

Betting on a big lead, Cole allowed a leadoff single into the fourth, but a 4-6-3 double play helped him emerge from the inning unscathed. He pitched his first clean run in the bottom of the fifth inning, catching a pair of batters in the process.

Ben Rortvedt He hit the fourth home run of his big league career, and only his first as a Yankee, in the sixth to bring the Bombers’ lead to 7–1.

Cole came back to sixth and Miami managed another run against him, but the right rebounded to finish the afternoon strong, stranding Husband in the scoring position. Overall, he allowed two runs on six hits while walking two and striking out six on six innings pitched. Cole continues to look like a favorite for the AL Cy Young Award. He has now recorded 18 quality starts, 2.72 ERA, 1.05 WHIP, and 166 strikeouts on the year.

Wanda Peralta He threw seventh behind Cole but had trouble with eighth. Kenyan Middleton I went in and allowed an RBI double Brian De La Cruz.

Clay Holmes He got four innings in the ninth and was struggling hard. A walk and two strikeouts brought a running back to the plate with the Marlins’ upcoming upset order. Right generated the return he needed, but a throwing error led to two runs and he was allowed to Josh Bell to reach.

Aries then lined up a two-run double at right line to tie things up at 7-7 and end Holmes’ day. The closer scored only one and allowed four runs on three hits while walking once.

Tommy Canley entered and after walking de la cruz, Jake Burger He lined out for one game giving Miami the 8-7 win. The Yankees have now downed three straight series and six straight rubber games.


What then

The Yankees continue their tour of the National League East as they head to Atlanta to start a three-game block with MVP nominee. Ronald Acuna Jr and the Brave Monday night at 7:20 p.m

The Braves haven’t announced a starter yet, but New York will field a right hand Clark Schmidt (8-6, 4.23 ERA).

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