Will the Chicago Bears’ dual threat, Justin Fields, end up first overall?

Will the Chicago Bears' dual threat, Justin Fields, end up first overall?

The Yahoo Fantasy Football crew breaks down every situation to make photographers confident to tackle each and every one of them when they’re on the clock. First up, our Dalton Dale Donne with our quarterbacks.

There are three main strategies we can choose from to tackle the fantasy quarterback this year. first level draftJalen HurtsAnd Josh AllenAnd Patrick Mahomes) in the second round. second level draftLamar JacksonAnd Justin FieldsAnd Joe BurrowAnd Justin HerbertAnd Trevor Lawrence) in rounds 4-6. Or wait until later (+10 rounds) and then be the first to build a backup (assuming non-Superflex leagues).

All are viable strategies through which to build a winning fantasy team. Hurts is my favorite QB if you want to move to the first level, while Fields is the best target in the second level (he and LJax have a more impulsive upside than others drafted in this range). But it’s hard to argue against going old school and staying (painfully) patient in this position, as a lot The intriguing midfielders are available in later rounds this year.

Top draft goals

Justin Fields, Chicago Bears

take fields Lots of bags and has Long way to go as a passer-byBut we rarely get it This type of running quarterback project in fiction. Fields averaged The most dashing fantasy points for each game ever by a QB, including one way or another Leads all players in runs over 20 yards. Fields was More designed operations for each game from D’Andrea Swift Last season it was Number one in fantasy points at every moment.

fields must Get better naturally During his third year in the league (and second in the same system), W.J addition DJ Moore It will be huge. Chicago’s offensive line and secondary pass attackers should be better in 2023, too. Further, it gets fields The most improved schedule of any fantasy QB this year.

I’m closer to putting Fields down as a fantasy QB than I am demoting him.

Daniel Jones New York Giants

Jones is a very good runner who had the fifth-most rushing yards among QBs last season (and the fifth-most determined carrier). He also had a high in the NFL 81.1% adjusted completion rate. Jones can really break out in the sophomore year in Brian DoubleSystem While benefiting greatly from Darren Walleraddition. Jones He was mostly thrown into scrubs throughout his careerbut the Giants enter 2023 with Much improved pass combination. Speed ​​novice Jalin Hyatt He was really impressed early onand Jones is an underrated depth-thrower.

Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

Richardson goes in with fewer than 400 career college pass attempts but has an immediate upward trend (and ground) due to his rushing ability. AR quite frankly An athlete like never before as a quarterback. while Kamara oreRichardson Don’t take bagshe have strong arm And You must really thrive at playing it Shin Station. He also plays indoors and with a strong set of passes (Michael Bateman Jr He is a future star who is better than his stats indicate).

Richardson ADP It is simply way too low.

Brock Purdy, San Francisco 49ers

purdy in The best system in the world And just posted Best rated passer ever by a newbieleading the league in Relegation passes after taking over SF’s turn at first.

BCB does not have the same imaginary upside as BCB Tri Lance Since he won’t be running around much, but it shows Kyle Shanahan He’s sold on Purdy as his man (which he is It’s hard to argue with the results). Purdy looks completely healthy after elbow surgery, and will put up fantasy stats for the QB1 thanks to his system and chance to get rid of him Debo SamuelAnd Brandon AyukAnd George Keitel And Christian McCaffrey.

The top draft fades away

Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns

In 2020, Watson led the NFL by a wide margin with an 8.9 YPA over a Houston team that didn’t have a good run. DeAndre Hopkins. While lost time was important to Watson’s injury, he was a very different player after his return last season, It is badly outdone Jacoby Brissett.

Watson averaged Same EPA / Loopback as Zack Wilson.

The wind contributed to some His appalling inaccuracy last yearbut the weather in Cleveland will still be an issue moving forward.

Watson is still only 28 years old and will likely be a much better 2023 after a full season with the Browns (with the addition of Elijah Moore), but will need to Significantly Improves Being draft-worthy as a Top 10 QB.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

Perhaps Cousins ​​will improve during his sophomore year at Kevin O’ConnellWith the addition of a rookie Jordan Addison, but I can’t get behind drafting a non-running guy who just got a 7.1 YPA as a frontier QB1 fantasy. Cousins ​​were awesome at “midfielder”, But I don’t like his 2023 ADP.

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