Wonder Franco rumors, Michael Lorenzen’s rare achievement, and the All West race igniting

Wonder Franco rumors, Michael Lorenzen's rare achievement, and the All West race igniting

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Hannah Keiser and Zach Kreiser are back with another episode of The Bandwagon, where they review the MLB news for the week before delving into the exciting AL West run.

Hannah Keyser is located in Arlington, Texas, which is not her favorite city in the world. She talks a bit about Arlington with Zach Crizer before they discuss the allegations and rumors surrounding Tampa Bay Rays SS Wander Franco.

Michael Lorenzen threw a no-hitter to the Philadelphia Phillies after he was traded there at the deadline, and as a result, created some of the rarest stats we’ve ever seen.

Joey Votto wants to know what regular people think they’d be like if they had the chance to stand in the penalty area against an MLB pitcher, and both Hannah and Zach are amused at how misunderstood people are about the difficulty of playing Major League Baseball.

Hannah was ready for this week’s game and was drawn to something she’s not very good at: Ballpark names.

Hannah is on the road covering the AL West, watching the Los Angeles Angels play against the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, and so we spend a lot of time in this episode talking about the excitement at the top of the division and the sadness at the bottom of it.

Zach has one specific reason why he’s putting up with Clayton Kershaw in this episode, and it’s probably something every fan can get behind.

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